For all my love of gallery walls, there’s one decor tip I love even more than a busy and eclectic gallery, and that’s an oversized print. When we moved into our condo last year, I lost patience with gallery walls, if you’re looking to fill up a wall space quickly, a gallery wall is not the way to go, because it takes a lot of time to curate and arrange the prints. So the other solution that is faster and easier, albeit more expensive, is oversized art. I ended up doing this with a lot of our wallspace here, and I’m pretty happy with how it all came out. There’s also nothing I hate more than hanging art (mainly because it involves my husband who might be the worst at handyman stuff, ha, I always end up snatching the hammer out of his hand and taking over), but you’ve got to at least have someone else’s eye when hanging art, so the cool thing about oversized art is, there’s only one piece to hang as opposed to 15, and if it’s big enough, you have the option of leaning vs. hanging.

Anyway, these are just a few of my favorite oversized art shots of late, what about you? Are you a gallery girl, or a funky art leaner, lol?

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