Wild & Wonderful Wedding Inspo

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Wild & Wonderful Wedding Inspo

As you probably know, if you’ve followed my blog for awhile, I got married on the street in Vegas, in front of the Bellagio (we actually started out ON the Bellagio property but were promptly kicked out – everyone should get kicked out of somewhere on their wedding day, right?!), surrounded by tourists in a $5 dress and it was literally the best day of my life, so I’m not picky at all, and I clearly just don’t have it in me to be a Bridezilla.

I’ve never been a dreamer about wedding dresses or a pinner of wedding inspo, but the other day I was browsing Pinterest and I came across this wedding and I. just. died. It somehow managed to filter through the endless wedding inspo and advertising junk in my Pinterest feed, this, I thought to myself, this is it! If ever I’ve seen more perfect wedding styling, I don’t know where it would be. This is a shoot at an Australian wedding venue in Perth called Moana Hall, and you can check out the whole shoot, this is just a sampling, over at a site called Nouba by clicking here. Photography by Kate Drennan.

I am seriously freaking out over this shoot, so I wanted to share it, I know the wedding high season is almost over, but I thought maybe there’s some reader out there who would enjoy the inspiration and find it helpful, my husband is the love of my life and every single day I worry that something is going to happen to him, so I can never even imagine getting married for a third time, but God has plans and we don’t always know what they are, so on the outside chance that ever happens, please let it be like this!

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