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What a Tassel

Not quite ready to to update your entire fall wardrobe?  I always feel the need to shop for er’thing when there’s a season change: “Oh, I need new boots!”  “Oh look, cozy sweaters!”.  But if I jumped on that impulse every season I would be one poor lady!  Accessories on the other hand, are always fun, and a less expensive way to switch it up and refresh your closet.  I just happened across this cute little French site, Madmoizelle.com (good way to practice your French), and shop which has like, 51 pairs of tassel earrings.  Just kidding.  Like 153 pairs.  LOL.  I love me some tassels, they’re kind of preppy, and a fab way to bring some color into your outfit.  I have several pairs and trust me, these earrings are a surefire way to zhush up a simple sweater and jeans, honestly, they’re all you need!

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