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Hello all!  I hope everyone (every American reader at least!) had an excellent Memorial Day!  It’s a nice day to stop and pause and remember.  So, on another note, I got a really nice email last week from Stephanie Nass of a really cool little organization called the Victory Club.  I always like to hear about new businesses and women in particular pursuing their creative dreams, so I was happy to give her a shout-out on the blog!  Be sure to check out her site, and follow her on the socials, she’s a cool chick!

Stephanie Nass first conceived of Victory Club when she began working after college. Having studied art and grown up cooking, she was startled when her life involved so little of both. She also missed meeting people through that sort of engagement.

Stephanie began hosting suppers where every invited guest was asked to bring someone who was not initially invited. Stephanie, who is now in culinary school, would cook and ensure there was enough art to springboard discussion. In January, 70 people came to a luncheon she hosted, and Victory Club became a bona fide members club.

Victory Club hosts bi-monthly events in museums, galleries, private art collections, and artists’ studios. The meals have become synonymous with Stephanie’s whimsical menus, bespoke embroidery, and wonderful people.

For more, follow Victory Club on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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