Try a Holiday Inspiration Board

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Try a Holiday Inspiration Board


Are you ready for Thanksgiving yet?  Of course, as usual I’m not, it’s probably just going to be dinner out (and at this point probably at Picadilly lol!).  But I have hosted big Thanksgiving dinners before, this just isn’t the year for it.  However, one of the most important aspects of Thanksgiving dinner is the table setting (in my opinion).  Placemats, napkins, flower arrangements, all of it sets the mood for an awesome meal.

But did you ever think about creating an inspiration board for your Thanksgiving table setting?  As mentioned, it’s surely a little late this year but designers use inspiration boards all the time before starting an interior remodel or graphic project, why not try it for you Thanksgiving table?  Start a Pinterest board and start pinning colors and textures that appeal to you.  Then, you can actually try it out physically at home.  Do a test place setting, or clear out a spot on the table or floor and lay out your inspiration (fabric swatches, silverware, a pressed flower, a small plate) and play with it.  Try unexpected colors, Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be all cream, tan and orange.  Also, consider adding items you already own for your centerpiece, grab a mercury glass vase from the bedroom, and try whimsical items like small clocks or even framed photos (after all, Thanksgiving is a holiday of gratitude so you can remember and honor loved ones who can’t be with you by scattering small framed photos of them between the place settings).  Have fun with it, and like always, think outside the box!

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