Three house cleaning tasks you should be doing more often in winter

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Three house cleaning tasks you should be doing more often in winter

During the winter months, it’s normal for people to spend much more time at home, with the days shortening and weather conditions worsening. This additional time spent indoors, as well as muddy shoes bringing in dirt from outside, increases the likelihood that dirt will build up more quickly. Furthermore, with more bugs and illnesses typically spreading during the winter months, it is vital to stay on top of your cleaning duties at this time of year. 

Below are three tasks which should feature more frequently on your winter cleaning schedule, to create a healthier household. 


Whilst it is important to limit the amount of dust and allergens in your home at all times, with everyone spending more time indoors, it is particularly important during winter. 

One particular area that requires greater attention in the winter is the hallway. With rainy weather comes wet and muddy shoes, and this dirt can be transferred to your door mats and hallways, spreading potentially harmful bacteria within the home. This will be even more noticeable in households with pets who like to explore outside. In this case, if you do not stay on top of the cleaning, it can quickly escalate into a more serious and expensive issue. 

Some modern vacuum cleaners have been specifically designed to tackle pet fur, with built-in motorized brush heads to displace and remove your pet’s mess from surfaces. These are particularly effective in homes with a lot of carpeted areas, where hair and fur can quickly accumulate. It’s also possible to get brush hoover attachments to gently buff any dried mud off hard floors.

Windows and bathrooms

With the wetter weather setting in and less daylight to enjoy, many people can neglect cleaning their windows across the winter. However, the winter months are when your windows can actually be at their dirtiest, so you might consider hiring a professional to keep them clean from the outside and allow as much daylight in as you can. 

Inside, houses with wood fires may notice an additional build-up of soot or grime around the windows as you light up the fireplace over the colder months. Be sure to clean and polish windows from the inside to avoid this build-up becoming a greater problem. 

Furthermore, with the days of ice cold showers to cool off now long gone, we will start to notch up the temperature dials on taps and showers. This creates more steam in bathrooms which can cause condensation on the windows, leading to mould and damp forming if left untreated. Ensure to properly ventilate your home where possible, and pay extra attention to wiping down windows and window sills.


With Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to declutter all around your home. With the promise of Santa coming to fill our homes with new possessions, Christmas is a great excuse to finally clear out the wardrobe or toy boxes you’ve been neglecting all year. 

Remember all those Christmas decorations you stuffed away last year saying we’ll sort them next time around? Before you start decking the halls once again, throw away or recycle any ornaments or decorations that are surplus to requirements. Doing this will help you feel calm and cosy, ready for the festivities to begin.



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