Sweet Scandinavian Style

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Sweet Scandinavian Style

sweet stockholm style
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boho styled dining room
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boho style loft
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Whenever I open up a blog and I have to translate from a language with more consonants than vowels, I seriously could not be happier because it’s probably a Scandinavian design blog.  As you may know, my original blog was pretty much built on posting boho chic Scandinavian style shots, I am crazy for their eclectic mix of objects, neutral colors and unique architectural accents.  So I’m just sharing a bit of a throwback today, I’m loving these shots, they’re some of the best I’ve found lately (caveat: the middle shot is actually from a British designer).

I thought Scandinavian style was actually just that, heavily styled (the absolutely best stylists and photographers come from there) but then we met the nicest girl from Stockholm out and about here in south Florida, and were like, we should totally go to there!  So we started searching air bnbs in Stockholm, and omg, you can LIVE (at least temporarily) in places that look just like this!  Scandinavians must be born with this innate sense of style because they have some of the most gorgeous flats I’ve ever seen.  Anyway, my design hat is off to you, Scandinavia, thanks for providing me with so much joy and inspiration for all these years, I’m so happy to share this with you guys! Have a wonderful Saturday!



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