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So we’re building a house, I’m not really one to blog much about my personal life, I like privacy, but we’ve had to pick out cabinets, countertops, that kind of thing, which can for sure make a person crazy, except for the fact that I told my husband: neutral, neutral, neutral.  Neutral floors, neutral cabinets (I don’t need a bright white kitchen), neutral, subtle countertops (same thing, I don’t need to make a statement with marble).  Why?  Because my decorating ethic is all about the styling.  Think about it.  If you keep a clean neutral palette, you have so much more flexibility with the look and feel of your rooms.  A good stylist can really give a room any type of vibe they want, it’s all about the accessories.  The same even goes for furniture as far as I’m concerned, sure I love a good statement piece, like a velvet settee or mirrored console, but the more basic you keep it, the more you can direct the feel with art, plants, mirrors, etc.  Everyone keeps asking me if I’m stressing about the darn cabinets ha ha – no!  My stress level will kick in when it’s time to do the actual decorating (and interior decorating is not interior design, for the record).  Which will be awhile yet, so I’m so happy to have my blog to collect amazing styling ideas like these, just loving this rustic English countryside but yet elevated vibe!  Definitely will be my go-to!

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