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Street Style Shopping Staples




{ photo source: 1/2/3 }

So, I’m doing a little shopping today.  This ordinarily would not herald a big blog announcement, but I’m actually not a big shopper.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop, there’s not like, something wrong with me, it’s just not a frequent activity for me.  Reasons?  One is time, I think I said before that we don’t have the greatest local shopping in Ft. Lauderdale, you really have to go to Miami or West Palm, so that sort of curbs the habit (I’m not a big online shopper which is weird because I spend, virtually all my time online lol).  And on the weekend I like to hang out with the man, and do group stuff with our friends which doesn’t leave a lot of room for shopping.  And another thing, I’m super uh, thrify.  I’m a good money manager, I save my money, I try not to spend gratuitously so when I look in my closet and I see (no joke) like 30 pairs of shoes, it’s hard to justify more.  But yet, they’re not the exact right shoes, do you feel me?  I have a pair of sandals almost exactly like the ones in the top photo, but after 3 trips to Governor’s Ball, they’re a little worn out so I need a new pair, right?  Right!

What I do try to do so I don’t shop aimlessly is to shop with a list in mind, so I was combing through my Street Style Pinterest board (check it out here!) and I came across a few staples I’m looking for so I thought I would share my fall shopping list inspiration with you guys.  I’m loving these drapey, breezy pants, they’re perfect for a SoFla fall.  And crops as well, it’s still too hot for full-on long jeans but there’s something about a crop that looks a little more seasonal, and you can always add an ankle boot and tights in winter.  And then I’m always, always on the lookout for 3/4 length sleeve tops, it’s hot outside here but interiors are inevitably over air-conditioned so a 3/4 length can prevent 2 hours of freezing misery in a theatre!  I’ll be sure to fill you guys in on whether I have success or not, but I always go with some sort of vision in mind, and this is it!  Enjoy!

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