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I don’t have kids, so Halloween loses some of its magic, when I was little, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays!  I love hair and makeup even as an adult, and when I was little, I used to dream of being a big girl and getting to wear high heels and get a perm (it was the 80s!).  These days my efforts on the Halloween front are a little more subdued (I did find a deer kit at Walmart ha ha so I’ll have antlers and a fluffy white tail for a party we’re going to this year), but I still love the holiday, and I’m loving these tasteful yet edgy Halloween tablescapes and party decor.  I love black as a design staple anyway, add in some brass, candles and deep dark dried flowers and that’s my style jam!  I know it’s a little late, but if you’re at last minute ends for party decor, take this and run with it, a lot of it you might even already have at home and you just don’t know it.  Either way, stay safe and stay spooky!

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