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Happy New Deer!  Did everyone sparkle and shine last night?  I did not, as it’s pretty difficult to be all sparkly when you fly 12 hours, I could barely fit my feet into my tennis shoes after 8 and 3 hour flights, respectively, much less some blinged-out Jimmy Choos!  Just spent a week in Paris, what a nice city.  I wasn’t taken with all the macarons and scooters, more impressed by the history and civility of the French people, I found it to be like NYC only cleaner, more organized and friendlier.  So I’m slowly making my way back to the U.S. somewhat refreshed and most definitely ready to create awesome new blog designs, so seriously, get on the list NOW for custom website design and custom blog design, January and February are my busiest times of the year and you don’t want to miss out, now that I’m all continental and stuff!
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