Custom Blog Design Tips: Add a Slideshow in Post

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Custom Blog Design Tips: Add a Slideshow in Post

So, you have a custom blog design, and you’re going to town, writing posts and posting all of your awesome photos.  But what if you’ve taken a trip, and have a bunch of photos that you want to share in a single blog post?  Or you want to share a slideshow of fabulous summer fashion tips without having the reader have to scroll down a super long page in your blog design?  I have written a tutorial on How to Add a Gallery to a Page in WordPress here, but what if you want to extend that, and actually add a slideshow in a blog post instead?  It’s easy!

The first step is to install the Gallery Slideshow plugin.  You can find it here, but keep in mind, you don’t have to actually download the plugin from the plugin page, simply follow my tutorial on How to Add a Plugin and you can install it directly into your blog.  Just search “Gallery Slideshow” in the Add New Plugins area.  And here’s a tip, since there are sometimes multiple plugins with similar names, the author of this plugin is Jethin, so make sure that the one you install has this developer’s name (this is an easy tip when trying to match up a plugin you find in Google to install directly on your blog, make sure the plugin developer’s name matches).  Now, go ahead and add a new post.

screenshot 1

Step 1:  Click the Add Media button.

screenshot 2

Step 2:  Click on the Create Gallery button in upper left corner.  Then, either upload new photos you want to add to the slideshow, or select existing photos from your media library.  When you have selected all of the photos you want to include in the slideshow, click the blue Create a New Gallery Link in the bottom right corner of the page.

Screenshot 3

Step 3:  You can ignore the gallery settings in the right column, and simple click the blue Insert Gallery button in the lower right corner to insert the gallery into your page.

screenshot 4

Step 4:  Make sure you are on the Text, not Visual tab in your post editor (highlighted in the above screenshot).  Now, it’s easy. You will see a shortcode that looks like this:  gallery ids=”1, 2, 3″.  All you want to do is change the word gallery to gss, so instead the shortcode looks like this:  gss ids=”1, 2, 3″.  Leave the brackets intact, only change the word gallery to gss.  Then, preview or publish your post.  Voila!  You have a slideshow of photos that the reader can click through.  Easy, right?

Are you considering a custom blog design or custom website design?  Hiring a professional blog designer can help you get started with a chic and unique blog design fast!  Sure, out the box blog templates are inexpensive and look easy, but sometimes customizing these blog designs is harder than it looks and requires a little bit of technical skill.  Having a blog designer to do the heavy lifting for you, in addition to designing a custom blog that is unique to you can be a real time saver in the long run.  In addition to branding your blog design with a chic, custom look so that you and your brand will be instantly recognizable, a good blog designer will install and customize plugins and help you set up your blog fast so that it is fully functional and stands out from the crowd! If you are interested in a custom blog design, custom website design or logo design, Little Blue Deer offers blog design services to get you one step ahead, and it’s a fun process, too!  If you want more information on blog design or any of our other services, visit me here!

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