Six Thoughtful Gifts for Minimalist Clients

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Six Thoughtful Gifts for Minimalist Clients

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There is nothing as rewarding as choosing the perfect present, but it can be difficult to buy the ideal gift for a minimalist. Minimalists may view generic items such as candles and toiletries as clutter, meaning these popular options are not suitable. These thoughtful ideas are the perfect way to show appreciation to your minimalist clients.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are an excellent choice for minimalists. Small in size (or digital in the case of e-vouchers), no one could accuse a gift card of ruining their home aesthetic or taking up too much space. What is great about a holiday gift card is that it can be saved until there is something the recipient really wants or needs. They are not just fabulous gifts for clients, but also people you may not know well such as your child’s teacher.


A reward scheme for loyal clients is a great way to show appreciation. Allocate points or stamps for each job you are hired for with a reward after a set number of hires. This form of gifting is mutually beneficial as it builds a strong client base by encouraging return custom and clients appreciate any discounts or benefits.

Memberships and Subscriptions

Memberships and subscriptions are great gifts for minimalists. Use your knowledge of the recipient’s interests to assist you – if they love history, a yearly pass to a local museum may be appreciated, or if binge-watching reality television shows is their passion, how about a Netflix or Hulu subscription? Whatever they enjoy, you will be able to find a membership or subscription that will bring them happiness all year round.

Food Hampers

A classic hamper of edible treats is a practical gift and, although it might take up space for a short while, consumables will not take up space long-term. Handcrafted chocolates and premium cheeses, wines and preserves are all popular options and feel like a luxury treat. Be aware of any allergies or dietary needs to ensure your hamper is well-received.


A charity donation can be a brilliant an alternative to traditional gifts. Whether you opt for an animal sanctuary or hospice in their local area or to give an education to a child in a different country through a sponsorship scheme, donations to charities benefit everyone involved. Many charities supply certificates of thanks for sponsorships.


Many minimalists prefer experiences to objects. Entry to a theme park or gallery, tickets to a theatre show or concert or a daring skydive could be exactly the gift they’ve been dreaming of and will provide them with memories that will last a lifetime. A meal at a popular restaurant is a more mainstream option for the less-adventurous clients!

When buying a gift for a minimalist client it is important to view the world from their perspective. Think about how what you are giving them will enhance their life and how it reflects your business. It really is the thought that counts when buying a present for a minimalist!



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