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Simplicity.  Sometimes, things should speak for themselves.  Someone told me a long time ago, when I first started in the professional world, that if I made a mistake to apologize once, sincerely, and be done with it.  Don’t bring it up again, don’t repeat it over and over, just simply say “I’m sorry.”  The same can really be said for a lot of things in life, including design.  Now, believe me, I am all about those messily cluttered boho interiors that look so artful in interior design photography, I love that, but when I try to do it on my own, well, honestly, it just looks like I am messy.  And believe me I am a neat person!  Sometimes the same thing can happen in graphic design.  Sometimes I feel a little bit weird giving a client a logo that is just typography, like I should have added a bunch of color, flourishes, patterns, etc., but honestly, sometimes that just doesn’t look as good.  There is really something to be said for spending some time with the most basic of elements, font, or one strong color, and finding the absolute perfect representation of their brand.  It’s simple, it’s striking, and it stays with you.  It’s the same thing with website and blog design.  I always initially want to overdo, to fill up a web page with color, graphics, widgets, sliders, the whole deal.  But it doesn’t always look good.  In fact, over the years that I have been offering unique custom blog design, website design and logo design for interior designers and other creatives, I have found that clients most likely request a more simple web layout, and the sites that they like best in my portfolio are the ones that are very simple:  a clean, sophisticated logo, solid color background, minimalistic font.  And I agree with this, because it creates an elegant frame to let your work shine.  Photography is very important if you are doing this kind of design, the design elements will frame the photography, so investing in a good photographer who “gets” your vision is essential.

My logo design company and website design company, Little Blue Deer, can create the perfect, simple and elegant representation of your brand.  I believe that the design that I am submitting to the client, be it a first draft of a custom logo, a blog header, or the homepage of a website, should be absolutely perfect.  I want to my trademark unique custom graphics to be simply perfect too.  Little Blue Deer is a best ecommerce solution and offers website development for small shops and designers, so let us design a logo, custom blog or website just for you.  And it’s totally okay if you want all the frills and extras, trust me I will have fun with it!
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