Nanny, that is!  I just finished reading “Nanny Returns,” the sequel to “Nanny Diaries,” and yes, I loved it.  Not as much as the original, which I’ve read, oh 5 times or so, but it was still a fabulous book.  A good book is descriptive enough to make you feel as if you’re actually there, in the rooms with the characters, and “Nanny Returns” was no exception.  My experience living on the Upper East Side (that would be the East Upper East Side, as far as I can tell, if you’re east of Gracious Home, you can barely call yourself an Upper East Sider), was vastly different from the X’s, and I kept thinking to myself, “How would Mrs. X live?”  Mrs. X is not without flaw (by far), but she does lead a pretty amazing life.  So I thought I would share some images that I imagine Mrs. X would highly approve of: 
Mrs. X would definitely have her coffee here {via Alkemie}

And Mr. X. (when he was at home) would hide out here {via Alkemie}

And when Mrs. X took one too many Xanax, she would chill here (note the Louis Vuitton Kleenex box) {via Plush Palate

Mrs. X would SO be rockin’ these Tory Burch ballet flats at the charity luncheon {via ShoeWaWa} Get Tory Burch coupon here!


And don’t forget the ubiquitous Birkin (okay, so that’s Catherine Zeta Jones, but it could be Mrs. X and Grayer) {via In Purses}

Stay tuned for more posts on Upper East Side style, next time, the classic Chanel quilted headband!  UES on the LBD!