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Shell-f Life

Spring is always the time of year I start planning my summer “look” (I feel like every season there’s a new “look”, foisted on us by retailers of course but hey, it’s an excuse for shopping, right?!).  I always go for minimal in summer, it’s just too hot here for anything else (though, hope against hope, there’s talk around my house of buying a small place in New England to go in the summer, I’m a little young to become a snowbird but 2 homes – New England and Florida – has always been my dream).  But for now, I have to sweat it out in Miami while still trying to look decent.  So my thing this year is copper.  Metallic nail polish shows chips less and looks great with a tan, shimmer makeup blends with sweat for a nice dewy glow, right?  I also fell in for the rose gold aviator trend (though I just bought the knock-offs, I’m too active to drop $150 on a pair of sunglasses, that will be $150 swept away in the ocean the first time I hit the beach lol!).  So here’s some inspiration, loving these tiny shell trinket boxes from Urban Outfitters, the bronze matte powder and copper capiz shell garland, come to me, copper!

{ photo source: 1 | 2 | 3 }

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