Services & Packages

Welcome! We offer custom WordPress blog design, website design and logo design packages, as well as an assortment of branding add-ons. Completely customized, fast and functional, let's get you started on the right foot today!

Services & Packages

Welcome! We offer custom WordPress blog design, website design and logo design packages, as well as an assortment of branding add-ons. Completely customized, fast and functional, let's get you started on the right foot today!

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Welcome!  We are so glad you stopped by!  We offer custom WordPress blog design, full website design and logo design for both new and established brands, designers and bloggers, all at a very affordable fee designed to give you the look you love without breaking the bank.  Sound good?  Check out our 3 easy design packages below!


Blog Design

We offer chic, unique custom blog design for Instagram influencers, lifestyle bloggers and anyone who’s just starting out!

Website Design

Business owner?  We offer full WordPress website design, perfect for interior designers, lifestyle brands or anyone looking for a sophicated, functional experience.

Premade Blog Kits

Choose from 6 premade WordPress themes, fully installed and customized to your own personal brand or business.


Logo Design

Establish or extend your brand or revitalize your look with our logo design

Brand Board

Extend your logo design experience with our branding kit add-on, including custom color codes and complementary backgrounds

Premade Logo Kit

Not ready to invest in a full logo design yet?  Explore our premade logo kits, each fully customized to you

Most Popular Packages

Learn more about our 3 most popular design packages below

Blog Design

Are you looking for a chic, unique and sophisticated custom blog design? We have been designing custom blogs for WordPress and Blogger since 2009. Why purchase a cookie-cutter template that is difficult to configure and can be used by any blogger when you can have your own unique look, customized to your taste and style? We offer start to finish service, including full theme installation. To start, simply choose your package (self-hosted WordPress only) below, and click on the Book Now button. This will direct you to our inspiration form where you can indicate your color and style preferences, link to Pinterest boards, and include any other notes or information, as well as submit our requested 50% deposit. We will design a custom theme just for you, work with you to tweak the design, and install it on your blog. We specialize in working with brand-new bloggers and do not require you to have any existing content to start.



Site Design

Little Blue Deer now offers a solid WordPress website design package. This is a basic informational website, meant to serve as an affordable, chic and attractive representation of your brand or business.  For more information, see below and please check our current waitlist before proceeding. To get started, we simply ask that you complete our Site Design Inspiration Form and a 50% deposit to hold your spot on our waitlist. For more information including terms of service and add-ons, please see below, and take a moment to review our terms and conditions.

Logo Design

Looking for a gorgeous, chic and unique logo? Little Blue Deer offers an affordable logo design package as well as plenty of add-ons to build your brand. This is the perfect package for a brand-new business or the more established brand that needs a facelift. A solid logo design should be the starting point for your blog or website, and it’s the face you put on for the world. Brand building fees can easily run into the thousands, let Little Blue Deer get you started on the right foot with an affordable starter kit that is uniquely your own.


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Influencers love and trust Little Blue Deer to extend their brands with a custom blog, you should too!


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Establish your new brand, or revitalize an existing one with our chic and elegant designs


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"Thank you! And you are so wonderful! I've worked with several other vendors and they do not even come close to your fabulous-ness! I appreciate your creative talents and professionalism!"

"Shari was wonderful! She over delivered with my blog project! Shari was professional, polite, and super responsive. I've had a few digital projects designed in the past and nothing compares to this experience! Shari has exceptional customer service and she delivered my project earlier than I expected. I will definitely use Little Blue Deer again in the future!"

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found you. THANK YOU doesn’t begin to cut it! You have been such a joy to work with and truly set the tone for my new blog. It’s very exciting to have something so beautiful and professional to put out into the world so that in return people will look at me seriously and get a sense for what I’m trying to convey. I couldn’t be more appreciative of your patience and help and I am thrilled to continue utilizing your expertise in the future!”

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with my blog - I really appreciate it! I had a bad experience with someone prior, and this was really smooth sailing. I really appreciate your professionalism and frequent communication. I love the blog so much!"

“Admittedly, I wasn’t sure how I felt about not speaking with you but this really couldn’t have been an easier process.  Your beautiful work has really made this idea I’ve been sitting on for so long become an exciting reality & I couldn’t be more proud & motivated to get this going!”

Kim H.

“Oh my goodness! I am screaming, in tears, and so happy! Can I just tell you I am obsessed with my website? It’s gorgeous! I am beyond pleased and you basically nailed it! I cannot stop smiling. Wow! The tan, pink, and gold vibe is perfect and the website reflects my personality. I guarantee you people that know me will say, “this is so you.”

Patricia M.

“I am speechless and in tears (of joy)!!  I can’t “THANK YOU” enough!!  My website looks awesome!!  It is a very huge step for me as I am very old school and not very computer smart (I am 50 years old!!). I was never very confident about my work because I started design late in my life at 40, and didn’t think that I was as good as the other designers, BUT not anymore after seeing my own website.
I was a little hesitant at the beginning when you only work through email correspondences and you are on the other side of the world too!! I thought I had to sit down with someone in front of the computer to build my website, but you have proved me so wrong!!  You are friendly, efficient, and extremely patient with guiding me through each step, I felt like I had overcome my fear of internet technologies, not to mention your artistic flairs too!!”

Sam K.