Rose Gold Holiday Gift Guide

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Rose Gold Holiday Gift Guide

Upward and onward with the holiday gift guides!  So I was feeling all happy and smug last time I posted because I was almost done with my holiday shopping.  My husband and I are going on a cruise with my dad over Christmas (my dad is a big cruiser and since we live in Ft. Lauderdale, you pretty much just grab a suitcase, walk to the port and hop on a ship, it’s easy travel) so we had agreed not to exchange gifts.  Then yesterday, one of those mack daddy iPads arrived (from the cat though, apparently he used his little opposable thumbs to order it), so last night found me madly searching Amazon for husbandly gifts to be delivered by Tuesday.  I think I got it done (New England Patriots full-size footie pajamas anyone?!) but I’m not so smug anymore, so if you’re still searching for gift ideas, or just need a last-minute party look, check out my fashion gift guide, and shop the look below!


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