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ritz london do not disturb
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It’s my last day in Boston and I’m so sad to say goodbye to the utter loveliness of this city!  Coming from South Florida, it’s not just the weather that is refreshing here.  Goodbye to the land of understated elegance, shiny red and black doors and well-appointed homes.  Goodbye to sundresses and ballet flats, and J. Crew checked shirts for men (yes “the shirt” is a big thing here).  I love this town and I’m so grateful I get to come a lot, I wouldn’t trade our South Florida winters for anything but I do miss the whole Back Bay aesthetic when I’m gone!  Oh well, I’ll be back soon and it will be a chance to wear my awesome winter coat, and for a few days, I’m hanging out the Do Not Disturb while I recover!  If you want to see all my Back Bay adventures, be sure to follow me on Instagram!

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