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Pixers!  So, the other day, I got the nicest email from Magdalena at Pixers, which is this really cool wall mural site.  Now, I get a lot of emails from people wanting me to advertise or post stuff about their company on the blog, and most of them I generally ignore, I kind of like being ad-free over here at the Deer, and the Pixers peeps are not paying me or anything, I just thought what they sent was so damn cool!  They sent me a folder literally FILLED with giant, oversized deers!  I mean, how freakin’ cool, right?!  So, I was totally psyched to share with you some of the images they sent me, then I went to their site and they had a million cool designs, trust me, you know I don’t pimp on this blog but you should pop by and check them out!
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