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examples of beni ourain, kilim and navajo rugs

examples of beni ourain, kilim and navajo rugs

examples of beni ourain, kilim and navajo rugs

It’s Patterday (ha ha get it?  Patterday?).  Just kidding, Happy Saturday, I’m busy thinking about pattern.  I have a few blog designs in the works, and one of my favorite things is to translate interior design trends into a blog design or website design. I’ve had a few requests lately for a boho style, so I’ve been ruminating on pattern mixing and styles.

Here are some really cool mixes, here’s a few rug and basic patterns to know:
Beni Ourain is generally dichromatic and tribal in design.  The colors are usually neutrals, and these are simple rugs with a thick pile.  A Beni Ourain pattern makes a great neutral base or background.

Kilim is a tightly woven style with no pile, made with weaving techniques with a closely related heritage.  Made in Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Kilim is a more simple pattern than oriental rugs, which are super ornate.  Kilim is more of a geometric style.

Navajo is very similar to Kilim, with strong geometric patterns.  In Navajo weaving, the slit weave technique is not used, and the weave does not extend to a fringe.

These fantastic shots also mix in some other textures, like flokati (check out my post, 4 Great Ways to Use Flokati here) and tie-dye (always a fun (and messy!) Saturday project!

A good interior or graphic designer has an eye for pattern mixing, you never want to overdo it, as well as complementary colors and textures.  For example, on a custom blog design, I might use a light Beni Ourain pattern in the background and then some bold geometric accents in the header, or just do a kilim repeat across the top and keep everything else simple.  If you have a design vision you want translated into your own personal space on the web, stop by our Services page, we offer custom blog design, custom website design and logo design, totally personalized for your design aesthetic!

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