If you’re like me and love the look of deep, dark black and gray walls and wallcoverings but are afraid to make the dark wall plunge, here’s another consideration: paint it black!  “It” being of course cabinets, bookcases, built-ins, whatever furniture you may have that you feel comfortable painting.  Painting or purchasing cabinets or furniture in black, charcoal gray, deep plum or navy can be a fantastic way to get that warm, toasty look without actually committing to a full dark wall color.  I love how these dark shelves and fixtures cozy up a space, but without the major drama of a full wall.  And obviously any kind of white (like the subway tile in the first pic) is a fabulous contrast with crisp black gloss and shiny brass fixtures.

Going into Fall I always start getting that cozy nesting vibe, and this is a way to fulfill that instinct without the huge commitment!

This most fabulous shot at the top (with the subway tile I mentioned that makes such an amazing contrast) is by the ever-so-talented Jana Roach, do yourself a favor and give her a follow over on insta for some really amazing talent!

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