Okay, so I feel, at the moment, about like this guy:  all kinds of crazy, creative ideas, but there is stuff lying all over the floor and I have to throw my hands up and just sigh.  Blogging is one of the coolest and most creative things I have ever tried, but my gosh it is overwhelming!  I am absolutely blown away by the sheer beauty and talent I see on so many wonderful blogs out there, and I have so many ideas that I want to implement that it’s turned into this huge to-do list:  search for new blogs to follow, comment on all of the breathtaking posts, create my own posts, respond to all of the kind and generous bloggers who have supported my brand-new blog, brush up on my rusty HTML skills, tweak my email posts (email subscribers (all two of you {smile}, thanks for your patience), and a million other things.  I forget that one of the mantras I live by is “one day at a time,” and that I just need to take a deep breath, and tackle one thing, finish it, and then move on to another, and also to remember that most of you lovely readers have been blogging for years now and that my blog is going to have to go through its own growing pains before it reaches its full potential.  So, I’m going to inhale, exhale, and know that in short order I will start to more bright, creative and organized, like this:

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