A few weeks ago, I got an email from the very sweet Ricky at Novica, this really amazing new shopping site in association with National Geographic.  They have all kinds of cool, chic, world-flavored items, like home decor, sculpture, and the Deer’s favorite, their jewelry!  So, I had the great treat of purchasing two rings, because I am just crazy for nice rings!  After perusing the site for a good half hour, they have so much stuff, and it all looks amazing, I chose the Gold Vermeil Citrine and Topaz cocktail ring “Magic Blue,” and the Gold Vermeil and Citrine cocktail ring “Solar Light.”  I ordered regular shipping, and the rings arrived within a week and a half.  Let me just tell you!  They are not just amazing, sturdy and attractive rings, no cheesy gold plating or loose stones here, but the packaging was to die for to.  Trust me, if you are looking for a great gift, go with this company.  The rings arrived in a darling tapestry jewelry box, you don’t even have to wrap these they are so gorgeous, really sturdy and tasteful.  Also with the rings came handwritten postcards from the artisan in India, saying that he hoped I enjoyed and appreciated his art, along with lovely little cards describing the origins of the rings (really nice cards, as a graphic designer I am really picky about packaging).  I don’t do sponsored posts here, and if I didn’t like the products I wouldn’t lie, I am here to tell you, buy a gift for someone (or yourself) from this company, you will not be disappointed.  The whole experience was top-notch, and they have a lot of really unique items, really different and cool worldly stuff.  The Deer, who is not easy to please, was MOST impressed, so I really encourage you guys to check Novica out.  And here are some other cool items they offer, go there now!