Hi all!  I am delighted to be offering a great giveaway from the wonderful folks over at Novica!  Novica is this amazing website associated with National Geographic, and let me tell you, they have the coolest stuff!  I am really partial to handmade and hand-crafted items, my husband owned a coffeehouse and he turned me on to really being aware of what is going on in other countries and how we should support them through buying hand-crafted and handmade.  But of course I love to be lookin’ fine too, so Novica is just an awesome destination.  So, they have been kind enough to offer a $50 gift certificate for me to pass along to you guys!  To enter, just comment, and I will draw a winner on Monday, May 20.  And might I suggest checking out some of the following links whether you win or not! 

So, if you want to get your hands on some of these beauties, drop me a comment, I’ll randomly generate the winner and you can be hip, hand-crafted and beautiful too!!