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I think one of the things an interior designer does is pay attention to those tiny detail spots that often get overlooked, like the nightstand!  Sure, anyone can create a gallery wall over a headboard, and of course your bed frame is so important too (I’m a fan of a matched bedroom set, even though someone with a good eye can cohesively put various bedroom furniture elements together), but one of the most important design elements in a bedroom is the nightstand area.  I am very particular, and lucky to have enough space as well, for two matching nightstands.  I need them to be large because I also like a lamp on each, but you can get around this and give yourself more space with a wall-mounted lamp or sconce (popular in hotels).  I need a spot for my multiple bottles of water (as an athlete, I am always rehydrating!), my remotes (how is it that we have more remotes and not less these days?!), my ipad, and most importantly my tiny space heater/fan (I would never keep it on all night but living in New England, I like to run a space heater to warm my sheets up before I get in them in winter, and then I just turn the fan on when I go to sleep).  And I like drawers because I am one of those people that needs an eye mask, ear plugs, night guard, ha ha, I’m a picky sleeper and I need all my sleep accoutrements that are not necessarily cute or attractive and best hidden away lol!  Anyway, even if you don’t have a lot of space, a floating shelf is a great option too, here are some of my fun favorite nightstand styling picks lately!

{ photo source: 1 | 2 | 3 }

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