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Moody & Romantic Free Font Download

Happy summer! Summer is always the time I have the tiniest (and I mean tiniest!) bit of extra time on my hands, so every summer I try to put together a few free things for my followers – yay! This year, I’ve put together some font kits, just small bundles of free fonts I’ve scouted out over the years that I really like, as well as a few Insta story templates and some free clip art. More to come soon, but in the meantime, you can check everything out by clicking here.

And in other news, I had a chemical peel done on Wednesday, so I’m spending my weekend molting and avoiding heat and sun, as well as working on a video timeline of the peel in case you’re interested and want to know what to expect, it’s the VI Peel and I have to say, it’s quite effective albeit a bit uncomfortable. So be on the lookout for that, this is a $200 alternative to $2000 laser treatments and I have to say, I honestly have seen better results with it. Who doesn’t like to save a buck?! So stick with me, I’m always here to help, enjoy your weekend and for the love of God don’t forget the sunscreen! Mwah!

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One Response

  1. Love it!! Now you’re talking my business with the VI peel. Please include me in the video so I can see the progress. I’m going to do the ZO 3 Step Peel in September…& will be documenting that too.

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