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I just spent this past weekend cleaning up so much junk from our new condo, so I’ve gotten totally obsessed with stark, neat and clean design! Ha ha I just needed a mental break from all the stuff, we bought our condo (which is really a townhouse if you want to get down to it) furnished, which was part of its selling point, because the seller has done just a fabulous job with it, and there is no way I could have bought a house and also completely furnished it part-time, away from home, in a small town. Like, no way! So this place is pretty much turn-key and I’m really happy with it overall, but like, there’s lots of odds and ends and ephemera saved up, so last week I started going through it all. Agh! Why does a person save a pair of jelly sandals with one strap broken? What are all these little tiny mismatched screws in a plastic bag?! (no doubt they are to something important which I will discover as soon as I throw them away). Anyway, the junk cleanup will be a process, but it put me in the mood for some stark and modern, neat and clean design, enjoy!

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2 Responses

  1. Show some pics on the new place! Are you getting to hike or spend some time out in nature and how’s the weather been?

    1. I am going to try to take some pix this weekend!!! And it’s been in the 40s at night prob much like you, great sleeping weather! I’ve already gotten an email and a document hand-delivered about winterizing though ha ha hope you have a great day Elaine!!

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