Now, I know that by posting about bacon, I am opening myself up to a veritable avalanche of comments (that’s the idea, right?). It seems that everyone has an opinion on bacon, and there are hosts of bacon devotees, connoisseurs and worshipers who will seize any opportunity to wax poetic about their favorite meat. Plus, this is a lifestyle blog (though we all know that bacon is a lifestyle!)  The other day, however, I ran across this post on BlackBook, for Al Di La, which was one of my favorite trattorias from back in the day in Brooklyn.  They made the most fabulous frisee salad with lardons (which is pretty much just French for bacon chunks).  Oh, and frisee?  That’s just fancy schmancy lettuce.  That very same afternoon, Scott came home with a package of thick-cut bacon, with which he planned to make, you guessed it, lardons.  So I decided that the blog gods were angling for a bacon post, so here you have it:  yummy bacon pic:

Plus a shot from the Miller House (in order to properly enjoy bacon, one must always set the mood):

And of course Al Di La and another cozy little bistro (Homer S. was definitely right):