Mirrored Part I

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Mirrored Part I




Mirror, mirror…  well, you know the deal.  These amazing softly lit interiors are just gorgeous with their reflective surfaces and hints of gold.  I am a big fan of the rustic look:  weathered wood, antlers, animal skins (fake, of course!) and distressed surfaces combined with a touch of glam:  mirrors, sparkles, mercury glass, silver and gold.  Mirrors are my absolute favorite though, they make a room look bigger, they are often inexpensive (I actually love Big Lots for great mirror finds), and you can go large or another favorite of mine, combine multiple mirrors on one wall for a unique look that accomplishes the same effect of enlarging a room.

So, on the subject of mirrors, have you looked in the mirror lately?  I did last night and found out that due to serious roots (find out more about my hair problem on my Pinterest board), I am almost totally gray.  Who knew?!  I have been coloring my hair blonde for so long that I really have no idea what its natural color is, well, it turns out that it’s gray.  How about that?  Additionally I have wrinkles and sunspots, which I cover up by – wait for it – getting more tan!  Here’s the deal, it’s a quick fix and sitting in the sun for a few minutes is waaay cheaper than a jar of La Mer.  Do you feel me?  Anyway, I know it’s bad so spare the comments, I will share more about my general life philosophy in another article (I’ve been so verbose lately I know), but for all you bloggers and interior designers out there, do you ever look in the mirror, as it were, at your blog or website?  Does it have metaphorical sun spots?  Believe me, I am a corner cutter in SO many ways (and I pay for it by having cracked-out hair and wrinkles), but if you blog as a business or if you are a business and you have a web presence, it’s probably not the place to cut corners.  Let me help you out.  My logo design company and website design company, Little Blue Deer, is one place where I don’t cut corners.  I I believe that the design that I am submitting to the client, be it a first draft of a custom logo, a blog header, or the homepage of a website, should be absolutely perfect.  I want to my trademark unique custom graphics to be perfect, too, no wrinkles or gray hair there!  Little Blue Deer specializes in chic, unique and sophisticated and unique custom blog design, website design and logo design for interior designers and other creative professionals (and businesses!) and we are a best ecommerce solution for ecommerce website development for small shops and designers (currently offering Shopify customization), so let us design a shop, logo, custom blog or website just for you.  I want you to be proud when you look in that metaphorical mirror, so check it out!
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