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A few years ago when we were in Copenhagen (favorite city EVER next to Helsinki!) I discovered Danish designer Malene Birger.  Her little DAY Birger et Mikkelsen nylon bags are just darling, perfect for totes or diaper bags, I snagged up a bunch to bring back to girlfriends as souvenirs (way cooler than a postcard or trying to haul stale pastries back stateside right, and as one of my friends said “Maybe if I carry this bag, people will think I’m Danish”) ha ha.  I’ve followed along with their line ever since, and it’s still on my bucket list to go back to Copenhagen specifically with 3 empty suitcases just for clothes shopping (to me Copenhagen shopping is so much more manageable than Stockholm which is just overwhelming).  So when I ran across these amazing shots of Malene Birger’s London pied a terre (via Italian Bark and Elle SE) I was blown away but completely unsurprised that I love the style.  This flat has everything on my design wish list, collage walls, light bright colors and tons of natural light.  It makes me so happy that now every time I grab my Birger et Mikkelsen tote I’ll be imagining I’m on my way home to this flat, right?!  Beautiful, beautiful eye she has!

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