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I’ll be honest, unlike the rest of the world it seems, I haven’t baked one bread or picked up a sewing needle this year, it’s been so crazy busy that I really missed the boat on the stay at home and get crafty trend (though I DID buy a grossly overpriced bag of flour on EBAY of all places last April, just in a sheer panic that everyone else was buying it), so now I have flour for years I guess, lol. So while I personally haven’t had the bandwidth to do anything but create digitally for my business this year, I’ve really been so inspired by the work and creativity of others. I love fashion and I always thought it would be such fun to know how to design and sew, I can barely get a button back on a blouse, but super shoutout to everyone that tried something crafty and new this year, I think creativity comes in so many forms, so if you mastered that sourdough starter or sewed that skirt, my hat is off to you!

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