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Mad for Medellín

Alright, so none of these pictures are actually FROM Medellín, but this is straight up my expectation, lol!  We are off to Medellín for a long weekend, my husband and I have to take care of my sick father over Christmas itself, so we thought we would try to take a little trip prior to the holidays beginning in earnest, and after some research (very brief research, since we live in South Florida we knew we wanted to go to Latin America because it’s so easy), we settled on Medellín.  We really picked it because we happened to have dinner with a woman who snowbirds there, and we were thinking about Panama City but she said “Are you crazy?  Come to Medellín instead!”  So we came home and booked it (fo’ cheap, ya’ll, fo’ cheap).

Well, come to find, Medellín is like, a seriously, seriously happening place.  One of my new favorite authors, Cat Marnell, said that Medellín is “f’ing insane” (and having read her memoir I’m also convinced that she too might be f’ing insane, but in the nicest way possible) and all of sudden, it seems like everywhere I look people are talking about Medellín.  So I’ve started calling it the new Prague, you know how Prague used to be really edgy and now it’s all like mainstream hipster?  Well, I feel like Medellín might be on that path but I’ll let ya’ll know what I find out, okay?  ¡Dale!, gringa!

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