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Macramé It!

In one of my first apartments after college, my sweet little old lady neighbor Berniece knocked on my door one day and presented me with a macramé owl. If you’re a child of the 70s, you know the one, it’s like a planter, with wooden beads for eyes, ha ha. I politely declined it (I was just a kid you guys and hadn’t yet learned good manners meaning, if someone presents you with a macramé owl, TAKE IT!!!). Ha ha even if you have to hide it away in a closet, when someone gives you a gift, you should graciously accept, lol. Anyway, turns out, the joke was on me, as macramé is clearly where it’s at circa 2021. Just loving these gorgeous natural accents and can’t wait to thrift some 70s-style owls and style my next dinner party!

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