So, this weekend, Scott and I went to the Hilton Head Food & Wine Festival in Hilton Head, SC.  It was a lovely, windy day, and while we were selling coffee (he owns a coffee roasting company) to the many attendees who, quite frankly, needed it by day’s end, I also had plenty of time to check out the fashion dos (and, unfortunately, don’ts).  Now,I am far from a fashionista, and Little Blue Deer is by no means a fashion blog, but I felt compelled to share some of my observations!  Far too many sundresses (it was about 55 degrees), I was chilly in my trusty Rossignol fleece.  Also, note to future festival-attending self:  don’t wear heels to a festival that is set up entirely on wet grass!  Also, I love the maxidress trend, but tropical prints, chunky beads and spray tan on what amounted to a late winter’s day, definite fashion don’t!  I did see some really great looks, though, like crisp nautical stripes, belted trenches over jeans, bright, light scarves, cute vintage-y dresses with cozy boots, and the ubiquitous gladiator sandal.  If I hadn’t been working (barista-ing can be messy business), I think I would have gone for a combination of Gwenyth and Molly, with the Wayfarers thrown in for good measure! 

And here, a few more Lowcountry pics; I shot these at my in-laws’ home on the May River.  What would you pack for a lovely Lowcountry weekend?