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viyet ikat rug

Let me tell you a little bit about my battle with tile floors.  For most people, gorgeous ceramic tile floors equal happiness.  Chic, clean, wide-open spaces and gorgeous, uninterrupted expanses of white are a designer’s dream.  For this cat owner though, it’s a complete nightmare!  We keep our cat boxes on our balcony and we are lucky enough to live in South Florida where we can keep the glass door open year ’round (I live close to the beach so there’s always a nice breeze, even in August).  I have a nice array of plants surrounding the boxes so they don’t disturb the neighbors, but the problem is, those little monsters track in all their litter on their cute little cat paws.  I spend at least 20 minutes a day vacuuming our tile floors, because they’re white, and we have no rugs.  So I’ve made the decision to invest in a few area rugs to solve the cat problem.

viyet zebra rug

This should be fun, right?!  I love shopping, and you usually don’t have to ask me twice to add something new to our decor.  So I’ve been searching around for area rugs, and I wanted to share some of my favorite finds.  Initially I was thinking like a sisal might be nice, our apartment is very Florida, lots of blue, white and silver, but I feel like sisal hurts your feet (any pain-free sisal recs please feel free to share!).  So I’ve started my rug search here with Viyet.  They’re an interior design marketplace with all kinds of items, some of which are consignment which is really cool, I probably am not in the market for a consigned rug, I want mine new, but I love consignment for other unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.  With consignment, you can really build around a single piece.  In the case of the rug, I’m really looking for something neutral that will fit in with our existing decor, ordinarily I would build a room around a rug or sofa but since everything else is already in place, I’m trying to work the rug in rather than the other way around.

jonathan adler greek key rug

I think this Jonathan Adler is my fave so far, I’m just worried the greek key is a little overdone.  I’m also a little concerned about the zebra print too, and I don’t like the colors as much either, but it might not show as much dirt.  I’m going to pop over to Homegoods and TJMaxx, two of my other faves, just to see what they have and I’ll also do a quick sweep at Home Decorators (which is now all through Home Depot, interestingly enough), but I’m thinking the greek key is going to be the winner (and the solution to all my dirty tile floor problems), I’d love to hear your thoughts though or if you have a good suggestion for resources for area rugs, leave me a comment below!

*This post is in partnership with Nakturnal and Little Blue Deer, LLC 



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14 Responses

  1. Rugs are something that I think is important to spend the money on! Even though you walk all over the all day long, they add such value to a room.

    1. Hey Kayla, I SO agree, they really set the tone for the whole room. Which is really exciting, but also a lot of pressure lol! Thank you for reading!

  2. I love these rugs! They remind me of the blue and white pottery patterns, which makes them feel so expensive and luxurious! Great round-up!

    1. I agree! I’m a big fan of blue and white in general, I feel like it’s one of those color combos that just spells class 🙂 . Thank you for reading!!

  3. I lean more towards to minimalist aesthetic so I like the Greek styled tile the most out of the three!

  4. Rugs are such an important part of the room! It sets the tone or vibe you’re going for, and those rugs from Viyet are so cute!

  5. Besides the fact that im currently OBSESSED with blue, im particularly loving the greek key pattern!! I feel ike the design is crisp and could pull together a room really nicely. Super cute options!!

    1. I really love the greek key too. I know it’s kind of overused, but I think there’s a reason for that, it’s awesome!!!

  6. Rugs are something I completely overlook as I’m looking for apartments for the first time. You hit the nail on the head with how often cleaning solid floors is required, though. I’ll have to start the search!

    1. OMG do NOT get white floors, they look so beautiful but they show every bit of dirt! My personal favorite is polished concrete, and it does not show dirt at all but you kind of need a loft for that lol 😐

  7. I never checked out Viyet for rugs before! Thanks for the tip, I like the unique selection!

    1. Yeah! They have cute stuff and some of it is one of a kind which you can’t beat, I’m all about having something that someone else doesn’t lol! Thanks for reading!

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