Little Touches

An unexpected portrait in an unexpected spot, the perfectly stocked bar cart, a whimsical vase filled with chocolate cosmos, sometimes it’s the random, unplanned touches that really finish off a room and make a house a home. We were down at MassMOCA last weekend (the largest collection of contemporary art in the U.S., located in the farthest reaches of the Berkshires but a mere 20 minute drive from me), and I snapped up all of the little artist brochures at each exhibit (wasteful? perhaps but I paid my admission fee and I figure my husband’s Massachusetts tax dollars over all those years offset my brochure snatching, lol), for the express purpose of this exact thing, I thought they would look cool and be interested scattered randomly around our condo. So it pays to be on the lookout for the unusual and unexpected, wherever you may find it, if you’re looking, you can see inspiration everywhere!

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