It seems like Lowcountry is the theme for the week so far, so I have to say hello to our favorite friends over at the Savannah Bee Company, and share with my readers, if you don’t already know about them – you should!  The Savannah Bee Company was started by Ted Dennard (below), a lifelong beekeeper, and besides their delicious artisan honey products, including Winter White and raw comb honey and “Buzz,” their organic honey-flavored coffee (roasted by my husband), they have the most fabulous bodycare line, as well.  I used the Beeswax Hand Cream all winter long, and they also have the most delightful handmade soaps, in flavors like Clementine and Mint Julep.  Plus, they are some of the nicest guys ever!  If you can make it to Savannah, be sure to stop by their shop on Broughton Street for a honey-drizzled biscuit, and if not, check out their site for all of their delectable honey products!  Bee delicious!

{images via Southern Living}