So, yesterday we got a phone call from The Cottage Shop  in Savannah, informing us that yet another Juliska mug had arrived for us.  Now, we’ve been receiving wedding gifts for almost a year now (which is almost as fabulous as being married, it was like Christmas every day there for awhile!), but Juliska gifts inspire a whole other level of excitement in Scott and me.   Juliska makes the most gorgeous ceramics ever, they are delicately stunning, yet dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.  Our favorite Juliska item, however, is the coffee mug (of course!).  Seriously, I get excited on mornings that I get to use a Juliska mug (we are slowly building our collection, we have 4 now and I’d like to have about 10).  We have the Berry & Thread pattern, and the mugs are sturdy and oversized, yet so darn pretty!  Drinking out of one makes me feel like I’m waking up in a super-chic Soho loft (not that I don’t love our cozy little nest). They have gorgeous glassware, as well as some super-fancy light fixtures, too.

Also, I’m not the first one to have discovered the utter fabulousness of Juliska, check out High-Heeled Foot in the Door and Toast and Tables, who have posted some great Juliska shots.  And here are a few from the New York Gift Show, posted on Juliska’s Facebook page: