Pretty in Pink? I grew up on John Hughes movies, and was sad when he died (though, of all the ways to go, dropping dead while on a walk in NYC doesn’t seem like the worst thing).  And then today, poor Corey Haim, another childhood icon. So, it seemed a fitting day to pay tribute to the 80s by posting some Pretty in Pink pics.  When I was little, my bedroom was yellow, and I LOVED it (it also had these amazing “Brady Bunch meets Virgin Suicides” green flowered curtains), but I sometimes felt deprived that I didn’t have a more traditional pink girl’s room (though no doubt if I had asked, I’m sure mom would have painted it). Today, I’m pretty sure that if I wanted to, Scott would let me paint and decorate the guest bedroom in pink, and I think it would be so much fun! Until then, however, I will share some cool pink rooms with you (including one featuring deer!) {images via Chic Coles (1), Color Sizzle (2) and Alkemie (3 & 4)}