Instagram Roundup Vol. 15

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Instagram Roundup Vol. 15

Hello! If you’re a blog subscriber, you might have noticed a curious absence of posts from LBD last week, reason being, I at long last surpassed my subscriber limit on my mailchimp plan (ha ha and trust me this is a feat that takes time lol) so instead of upgrading because I’m cheap like that lol, I decided to just wait it out till the month rolled over, but thank you, thank you, this is a great problem to have!

So I’m trotting out some instagram posts from this past week you may have missed, and in the interim, so I didn’t overwhelm you guys, I did also post a ton of new recipes to my new Recipe category, you can check them all out here . I plan to keep posting one or two a week, really more for my own personal reference, ha ha a secret and kind of weird part of me likes the idea of inviting people over for dinner and being like, now what do you want to eat, pick here lol! But it’s summer and that’s one of those times I try to get organized in other areas of my life, so I’m just trying to make the day to day easier during the busy fall months by having a quick and easy go-to recipe box for meal prep. I know you know what I mean.

I’ve also made a bunch of new inspiration boards, some of which I’ve previewed on my instagram, and my free downloads are “selling” like hotcakes so that’s cool too. And then in the interim just trying to get everything arranged for our big Vermont move in September, just a note, if you want work done or are considering a new design, seriously, let’s do it in August! What with moving house etc. September and October are going to be a little cray in LBD-land so hit me up now!

And I feel like I’ve missed out on everyone else so if you have anything exciting or noteworthy you’ve been up to this past week or so, by all means leave me a comment I would truly love to hear!



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