Instagram Algorithm: Beating the System to More Likes & Followers

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Instagram Algorithm: Beating the System to More Likes & Followers

Over the past few years, the Instagram algorithm has witnessed several changes. These changes have made growing organically a bit difficult, causing Instagram users to complain about a massive drop in impressions, engagements, and followers on their page. 

While these changes aid Instagram’s goal to monetize the platform, it has since affected the social media experience for many creators and users. This is why people like you are seeking ways to beat the system. 

The good news is that you can grow your account despite all these algorithm changes. If you’re looking to promote your business on Instagram this guide is for you. 

In this post, you will discover ways to beat the Instagram algorithm and gain more likes and followers.  

                                                         Image by Andrea Piacquadio @Pexels

What is Instagram Algorithm?

Instagram Algorithm is a blend of ranking factors that helps the platform decide which content to prioritize and push to the feeds of each Instagram user. It’s the algorithm that determines what shows up on a person’s default feed. 

In 2016, Instagram decided to put an end to the reverse-chronological feed in favor of the curated feed. This change saw the prioritizing of latest posts according to how they relate to each user’s area of interest. 

However, in 2022, Instagram brought back the ability to view your feed chronologically. But you also have the option to see a curated list of recent posts from your favorite profiles.

But even with these tweaks, most of your audience is still likely to only see the default feed.

Therefore, a good social media marketing approach requires an understanding of what Instagram considers worthwhile or significant. Remember, you need to know how to score before playing. 

For example, many users assume the key to gaining success on Instagram is to simply post quality content. This means; crafting the perfect post with the eye-catchy caption and even curating the right hashtags on posts. Once these are in place, many expect their content to reach a wider audience. 

Yet, the ever-changing Instagram algorithm acts as a roadblock to people’s dream of going viral. 

Whenever your Instagram engagement is going down, you need to make moves to get it up. You can’t do this without first understanding how the Instagram algorithm works and how to outsmart it over time.  

How the Instagram Algorithm Works 

Thousands of contents are shared daily on Instagram. If you’re following hundreds of accounts, it’s not possible to see every content shared or posted by those accounts on a given day. 

Due to this, Instagram integrated the chronological system of arranging contents on a user’s feed. This is to ensure that users only see the most relevant content on their feed per time.  

That said, there’s a need to know how the algorithm determines which content meets the criteria for this. Heard of Machine Learning? This is the technology behind the Instagram algorithm. 

It customizes the Explore Page and determines what shows up on people’s feeds. It recognizes interactions between Instagram accounts to suggest contents they might be interested in. 

Here are some of the ranking factors that the Instagram algorithm puts into consideration; 

  • People’s past activities on the app help determine the posts that users will be interested in.
  • Timeliness of posts. Posts that are recent and relevant on the feed are favored.
  • Relationship between accounts that interact on Instagram posts.
  • The frequency with which Instagram users open their Instagram page 
  • The number of accounts a user follows on Instagram determines what such people  will see on their feed 
  • The length of time spent using the app matters in the grand scheme of things 

These ranking factors are used to increase transparency in the algorithm processes. 

To keep your audience engaged on Instagram, you have to constantly post photos, stories, and reels. Also, you need to reply to comments and DMs. And even participate in Instagram lives. 

While these activities have proved effective, they might not be enough to help you gain more likes and followers on Instagram. You’ll need to learn the art of beating the Instagram algorithm

How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm to More Likes & Followers

Here are some of the best ways to beat the Instagram algorithm to grow your audience; 

 1.  Improve the Quality of Photos You Share:

One of the best ways to beat the ever-changing Instagram algorithm is to improve the quality of photos you share on your page. This will make you rank higher on the feeds of your followers. 

Stepping up your photo quality has proved to be an effective strategy. With high-quality photos comes visually striking content. Hence, these contents are more likely to get you likes and shares.  

2. Learn to Post Contents Consistently:

You won’t get more likes and followers if your account is not active. By active, we mean posting consistently to keep your followers engaged with your content at all times. 

Sure, this can be tedious.  But if you don’t post consistently, your followers won’t see your content frequently. This will also lead the algorithm to push your content further down the feed. So, ensure you post every day or at least, once every week. 

                                                        Image by Andrea Piacquadio @Pexels

3.  Implement Instagram Reels:

A good way to grow fast on Instagram is to create interesting Reels. Users enjoy viewing quality video content, and that is exactly what Reels offers.

This feature will help you reach more people on Instagram. The more you post interesting reels, the more Instagram likes you’ll get. Also, if people find your Reels interesting, they’ll follow you. 

4.  Respond to DMs and Comments on Your Posts:

Responding to DMs and comments will help drive engagement on your page. If you don’t adopt this approach, there’s a high tendency that followers will ignore your subsequent posts. 

If you’re fond of responding to comments in time, your followers will appreciate it and be encouraged to engage more on your page. Even Instagram will push your content to more followers. 

                                                        Image by Andrea Piacquadio @Pexels


5.  Leverage Relevant Hashtags

The hashtag approach is very effective because many people search and follow hashtags. When these people discover your posts, they may follow you and like your posts.

As good as using hashtags might sound, it is important to use the relevant ones. Also, get yourself tagged in other people’s posts and Instagram stories. This will expose you to a larger audience. 

6.  Participate in Share for Share Groups:

Brands on Instagram help each other’s business by setting up share-for-share groups. Posts are shared daily on these groups for members to like, comment on, and repost. This cyclical process helps members increase exposure. 

So, to grow your account and gain more followers, ensure you participate in a share for share group you like. 

                                                  Image by August de Richelieu @Pexels

7.  Learn to Geotag Popular Destinations:

The Instagram algorithm works in a way that it will show your posts to more people if you geotag popular destinations. These are destinations with tourist attractions such as Venice and Paris. This is a good way to gain more likes and followers on your Instagram account.  

  • Go Live and Conduct Giveaways More Often:

Going live and conducting giveaways are  the sort of strategies that get people to hit “Like” on your posts. This is the perfect hack for beating the Instagram algorithm to more likes. 

These strategies will ensure you gain more likes and followers on Instagram. 


The Instagram algorithm will continue to change for years to come. But as it changes, you need to consistently seek ways to beat the system. This is the only way to ensure that your Instagram presence grows steadily.

It is important to give your audience a reason to like your posts or follow your account. This is why the Instagram algorithm is encouraging users to get personal and more authentic with posts. 

If you focus on posting quality content and building a relationship with your followers, you won’t have to worry about getting more likes and followers. The numbers will roll in naturally.

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