Hygge for the Holidays

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Hygge for the Holidays

Ya’ll, big news, I am getting ready to practice hygge in a huge way! I will be back in Vermont on Christmas day (which will mean we’ll probably have to eat at the Waffle House – oh wait – no Waffle House in Vermont lol!). Sooo, McDonalds. Oh wait, they don’t have that either! Ha ha well, Christmas might find us foraging for nuts and berries since I cleaned out my fridge before I left, but we have decided to spend a little winter time in the land of the northern sun. We got back to Florida and we just missed Vermont so much, we decided to head back for a bit. I’m pretty psyched, yes I know it’s cold, but Vermonters, like Scandinavians, are masters at practicing hygge. The fur throws, the fireplaces, the glowing candles, the hearty meals (it turns out I only gained a couple pounds up there, I was so sure it was ten lol), I am at. the. ready! So stay tuned for more updates and wintry interior decor inspiration, if that’s your bag, you’re in the right spot this year!

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One Response

  1. You are so cute! I love that you two are missing Vermont, its so pretty there. I was there once for a conference. You have to go to one of the hotels (Woodstock Hotel & Inn maybe?) and have a proper Christmas dinner. cozy up and Hygge sounds divine.

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