Hunting for the Right Engagement Ring

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Hunting for the Right Engagement Ring

Yes! It’s time to take your relationship to the next level – make it official. However, the challenge comes when you must find the ideal engagement ring for your spouse; here is where the adventure begins. It would help if you had a diamond ring that sweeps your girlfriend off her feet and has her cherishing that moment forever.

Shopping for the ideal ring is no walk in the park. In other words, it is not the same as selecting a candy off the shelf. This book is a complete guide that will help your shopping decision.

Your First Steps 

Of course, this is one of the most significant moments of your life; hence, you do not want to leave any stone unturned. Remember, your purchase should be within your budget. “But won’t I end up something of low quality?” you may ask. Not at all, if you know exactly where to look. There are affordable engagement rings that offer top-quality.

One of the steps to take when you have found the right diamond ring is to have it insured. Your jeweller should provide you with this option. But this insurance valuation of your gemstone is usually more expensive than your engagement ring. In that case, you may want to consider antique rings. “why should I have insurance coverage?” you may ask. Losing a jewellery piece can be heart-breaking, but worse if you do not have the financial capacity to purchase a new one.

GIA-Certified Rings

The Gemmological Institute of America is the oldest and most reputable non-profit organization and laboratory in the world. They came up with a standard that rates the quality of a gemstone. According to them, a perfect jewel comes with no tint. This precious stone has the same appearance as a pure drop of water. As a result, it is of the highest value—diamonds of this quality fall under the “colourless” colour code range. They are one of the most beautiful and most-expensive gems in the world.

You may start noticing differences in colours when you get to the “K” range. At this point, the gemstone possesses a yellow tint. “Z” colour-coded diamonds are black. Colour variation occurs based on the level of nitrogen and flaws in the diamond.

The 4Cs can influence your gemstone’s appearance, quality, and cost. Consequently, you have to make your findings before heading to a jewel store. There are materials on the internet that explain these factors in detail. Additionally, speak with a reputable jeweller on the ideal ring for your budget. With extensive information at your fingertips, you can go wrong about purchasing the right engagement ring.

There’s So Much More to Know

The quality of your engagement ring should not centre around the gemstone alone. Having the right ring band can make a difference in the appearance and durability of your diamond. Of course, diamonds are forever; but that does not imply that your ring band would hold for decades, especially if it is of low quality.

You want a ring band that is as hard as your diamond. In that case, I recommend that you go for one made of platinum. This material is the toughest in the jewel world. It has a long lifespan and would hardly wear off under any condition. Avoid the likes of white gold or silver bands as they tend to wear off in no time.



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