How to Set Up Direct Login to WordPress

When you are using a host that offers managed WordPress hosting, you can always log directly into your blog by logging into your site host (eg. Bluehost or Godaddy) and accessing your blog there.  However, at times you may want to bypass logging into your host and log in directly through WordPress.  It’s easy to set up your User Profile in WordPress, this tutorial shows you how.

Step 1:
Make sure that you are logged into your blog by going to your host (eg. and logging in.  Then, you will see a button that says “Log into WordPress” so go ahead and log in (you will be logged in automatically by clicking this button)

Step 2:
This will take you to your WordPress dashboard.  Simply scroll down to Users > Your Profile.  This will be your profile page where you can add personal info. So all you have to do is to enter your email address into the email box:

Then scroll down to the very bottom of the page, and click the blue Update Profile button.  STAY LOGGED IN TO THE BLOG AND DO NOT CLOSE WINDOW.  Then you will want to go into your email and look for an email from WordPress.  It MAY appear in your spam box so be sure to check that too.  And then, just follow the instructions and link on the email to set up the login for your blog.

Once you have set this up, you can always go to (replace yourdomainhere with your own domain) to log in.

Step 3:
You may have noticed that when you post, the default username is Admin.  It is very easy to change this, simply go to the Nickname section, and type in a new name (you may use your first name, or the blog name, whatever is easiest for you).  Then, select the new name you have just added from the dropdown:
and once again, scroll down and click the blue Update Profile button at the bottom.  Now your new nickname will appear publicly on your blog.

You can update your email address or nickname anytime you want as well, just follow the steps above if you wish to change the email or nickname.

Step 4:
Finally, you can create your own password, or generate a new one (recommended) by going to the Password section (down below your Contact Info).  Be sure to make a copy of the password that you generated so you can log in again:

Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click the blue Update Profile button.

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