How to Send a Welcome Email in Mailchimp

Do you ever sign up for an email list and get a nice welcome email from the site or blog that you have subscribed to?  This welcome email is really easy to set up in Mailchimp and you can customize it any way you wish.  

You can watch my video below, or keep reading for step by step instructions.

So to set up a welcome email, first log into your Mailchimp account.

Step 1:

At the top of the page, select Lists.  Then, choose the list you want the welcome email to go to, hover over the dropdown menu next to the list name, and choose Signup forms.  

Step 2:

Next to Form Builder, click Select

Step 3:

On the dropdown under Forms and Response emails, choose “Final Welcome Email” (yes, it is confusing because it says Final!  But it’s actual the email that is sent to welcome your subscriber after they sign up for your email list).  

Make sure that the “Send a final welcome email” box is checked.  

Step 4: 

Now, you can build your email.  Just click on the Build It link and then you can add text, photos, links, etc. to your email.  This editor is very similar to that of Microsoft Word or other text editors, as well as WordPress.  When you have finished crafting your welcome email, simply click on the Save and Close button.   I will go into a little bit more detail in the video above about the various options you can add to the welcome email so feel free to view! 

Your welcome email will be set, and will deliver to subscribers right after they sign up for your email list! 

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