How To Edit Divi Pages

The Divi Builder is one of the most versatile and popular WordPress website builders available today.  It is a visual editor that makes it easy to create sophisticated pages and edit them without code.  This is just a short guide to editing Divi page items to assist you with the basics like changing text and photos.

Step 1

Make sure you are logged into your WordPress dashboard.  Once you are logged in, navigate to the page you want to edit and click on the Edit Visual Builder tab:

Step 2

Click on the page element you want to edit.  For this example we will use an image.  You will see a toolbar pop up, simply click on the gear icon.  This will allow you to edit the image:

Step 3

This will pull up the editor, where you can replace the image, etc.  Simply click the green check box to save your changes when complete.

Step 4

You will edit text the same way.  Simply click on the text (or any other module) you wish to edit.  Once again, the gear icon will appear.  Click that.

And once again the visual editor will pop up where you can easily edit your text, just like in Microsoft Word.  Click the green check box to save.

Step 5

Lastly, when you are done editing your page, simply click on the Exit Visual Builder link at the top of the page.

Step 6

And when prompted, click the blue Save & Exit button to save your changes.

That’s it!  You should now see any updated text and images on your live site.  Divi is used by millions of web professionals due to its ease of use and fun visual editing capabilities.  Enjoy!

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