How to Create a Boutique Widget in Rewardstyle

You might have seen those super cute blog pages where influencers have a gallery of shoppable products.  Often they are grouped by Fashion, Home, or other topics, the beauty of these Boutique pages is that you can create as many of them as you want!  Today we will show you how to create a shoppable boutique page in Rewardstyle.  For this tutorial, you should already be a member of Rewardstyle, if you are not, you can easily apply by clicking here.

Step 1:

First you want to make sure that you have added some products you love to your Products section in Rewardstyle.  It may be easier for the Boutique widgets, particularly if you plan to create multiple pages, to group your products in topic-specific folders:

Step 2:

In Rewardstyle, go to Tools > Boutique:

Step 3:

As you can see, this is why we suggest that you group your Products into categories in the first step, because unlike the Shop the Post or Lookbook widgets, the Boutique widget will show all products from one category automatically.  So it’s best to pick and divide up the products you want to showcase in the Products section, then you will be given the option on the Boutique page to select your category:

You can also select whether to show the Brand, Price, Caption and Social Media icons under the More Options section.  Also, you may set a custom width for your widget if you wish.

Step 4

Although you can categorize the products you want to show, you also can set the width of your widget, and limit the number of items displayed if you wish:

Step 5:

Lastly, under Select your Platform, select WordPress and click the Copy Code button:

Step 6:

You can add the code either in a standalone page or in a blog post.  You can go to Pages > Add New (or follow the steps here to learn how to add new pages to your blog and link them to your navigation menus).  You will want a blank page, and it can be full-width, or you can set the page to show your sidebar as well, it is your personal preference.  You can also insert the Boutique widget into a blog post instead of on its own page.  Once your page or post is created, all you have to do is click on the Text tab in the upper right corner of the post editor if you are using the Classic Editor:

And paste in your code.  You may then click back over to the Visual tab.  The widget will not be viewable until page or post is published.  If you are adding the widget to a blog post, just click where you want the widget to go in your post, click over to the Text tab, paste in the code you copied in Step 5, and click back over to the Visual tab.

Insert the Code block if using Gutenberg:

Step 7

Publish your post or page, and you’ll see your full-size shoppable Boutique gallery:

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