Have you been approved for RewardStyle and don’t know how to add the RewardStyle plugin to your WordPress blog?  To add the Shop My Instagram or Shop the Post widgets to your blog, you must first install the RewardStyle (also known as liketoknowit) plugin.  I’m going to show you in a few simple steps how to get the plugin from RewardStyle and activate it on your blog. This tutorial assumes that you have an active RewardStyle account.  Feel free to watch my video, or follow my step by step guide below:


Step 1:
In your RewardStyle dashboard, go to My Account > Help Center

Step 2: 
When you get to the Help Center, click on the Getting Started button

Step 3: 
Next, under the Widgets + Tools section, click on the “See All 11 Articles” link. 

Step 4: 
Then, click on the RewardStyle Plugin for WordPress link.  

Step 5:
Then, in the help article, scroll down to the bottom of the article, where it says WordPress.com.  At the end of the article is the link to download the plugin.  Simple click the Download link and save to your computer.  Make a note of where the file is saved.  Many computers automatically save to a Downloads folder, or you may have specified another spot to save it.  Just make sure you make a note of where it is saved so you can access it to upload to your WordPress blog.  

Step 6:
Now, navigate to your WordPress dashboard.  Go to Plugins> Add New and click on the Upload Plugin button in upper left corner.

Step 7:
Find the Rewardstyle Plugin for WordPress zip file (remember from Step 5 where you downloaded it on your computer).  Then just double click to upload it to your blog.

Step 8: 
When file is uploaded, click the Install Plugin button to install it. Once plugin has been installed, you will be prompted to activate the plugin.  This is the final step, and your plugin will now be live and active on your blog. 

Remember, the plugin does not automatically add the Shop the Post or Shop My Instagram widgets for you, you need to configure those in your RewardStyle dashboard, then copy the generated code and paste it into your blog.  But you must have the plugin installed for any of the codes to work. 

I hope this helps you get started using RewardStyle, any questions or comments please leave me a message below!