How to Add Text To Your Instagram Fashion Tutorial Reels

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How to Add Text To Your Instagram Fashion Tutorial Reels

If you are an Instagram user, you know how awesome those fashion videos are. If you are a designer, you probably want to start making your own fashion reels and sharing them with your followers! 

You are ready to post your first-ever Fashion Tutorial Reel on Instagram: Your outfits are laid out, you have a clever intro and closer, and you’ve even got the necessary props for your background. 

But wait! What about the actual fashion tutorial part? How do you convey the right message to your audience? 

That’s where adding text to your reels comes in handy! 

Why should you add texts to your IG reels?

People tend to follow people more than they follow brands. So if you want to grow your brand on Instagram, you need to make your audience feel that they are talking with a real person rather than a company.

Using text as a tool and adding it to your reels can help you achieve this goal.

Text is the only way you can communicate with your audience. Your followers will never know what you are trying to say without text.

So by adding texts, you make sure your message gets delivered properly, and there is no communication gap between you and the viewers of your content.

Adding texts to your Instagram reels helps you connect better with the viewers of your video content.

You can use texts to make them feel seen, heard and involved in the conversation through comments and replies. They will have a better experience watching your reels and will be more likely to engage with them in the future as well!

Things take a turn for the complicated because not many people know how to add text to video online. Don’t worry, though; it’s actually pretty easy.

Step 1: Filming Yourself

The most important part of making an Instagram tutorial video is filming yourself as you go. This is where your fashion reels come in handy. 

You can film your outfit while speaking or explain your outfit while still with a static background and then add other footage later on. Choose something simple yet interesting, like a coffee shop or at home with your kids. Be sure to speak clearly and directly into your camera lens. 

If you have trouble filming yourself, try making a practice video first. Try holding up a sign with what you want to say to make it easier for people to understand what you are saying in your Instagram tutorial videos.

Step 2: Recording the Voiceover

After you have your fashion reels shot, it’s time to record your voiceover. To do so, use an audio recording app on your phone. Pick something simple like Voice Memos or Just Record. 

For clothing tutorials and tips, an easy way is to stand in front of a white wall and hold a piece of white paper in front of yourself (near chest level) so that you can see it while recording. This will give you a nice clean background for your voiceover. 

If you are doing a how-to video with multiple steps, consider using text boxes over each step as well as arrows pointing at where to look. The more visual cues for what people should be looking at, the better!

Step 3: Adding the Text

Instagram has text features that you can use to add text to your fashion reels. Instagram lets you add text with a font type of your choice, color, and size to make your reels stand out. These additional details help you communicate more clearly. To add text on your fashion tutorial reels, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Instagram app and select Reels at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Take a photo or video from Instagram’s camera, or upload one from your device’s library by tapping the icon on the left side of the screen (it looks like a folded square).
  3. Enter full-screen mode by tapping the icon in the bottom right corner (it looks like an arrow pointing into a rectangle).
  4. Tap the Aa icon in the upper left corner of the screen (it looks like one capital letter and the other small).
  5. Select either Type or Timer at the top of the screen, depending on how you want your reel to be.

Step 4: Using video editors to add texts 

If you have time, go back and re-edit your piece. If it’s a first draft, then you don’t need to edit it at all. In fact, if you get in the habit of writing first drafts that are just good enough, then you’ll find yourself a lot less stressed out and actually enjoying creating content! 

If you do want to edit your work, then be sure to take a break before editing so that you can come back with fresh eyes.

You can use video editing softwares to edit your reel and add creative text to it. Text captions can be customized with different colors and fonts. You can also sync text with the video so that it moves in time with the action on screen.

Ask yourself: Does my title make sense? Does my post flow? Are there any typos or grammatical errors? Do I use industry terms correctly? Is my tone appropriate for my audience? Am I using passive voice or active voice? 

And finally, is there anything else I could add or change to make my post better?

Pro tips

  1. Use a smaller font, the size of the text can not be bigger than 2/3 of the width of the screen, otherwise it will be cut from the screen and will not be viewed.
  2. Use short sentences. No more than three words in each line, 1-2 lines at most. 
  3. Try different color combinations for your text and background; use light colors for your font if you use a dark background.


Creating reels with text can really help you get more engagement and views. People are here to watch funny and educational content, so adding in text makes it easier for them to consume your content.

You don’t need an expensive camera or fancy software to create IG Reels. Just use your phone and make sure you add hashtags to your Reels and post captions that describe what you’re sharing. This helps people find your content.

While you can certainly add a CTA (call-to-action) in the caption of your Reel, it’s also a great idea to include one within your Reel itself!!

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